How to MAKE a GiF Animation! — Convert Video To Gifs Easily

How to make a gif animation in a few easy steps! Convert video to gif & have it looping with our simple software. Try it FREE:

Gifs are highly compressed image sequences that loops endlessly or just stop at the end of the sequence. Because of their high compression and low file size they make it perfect for the web without lagging.

People create GIFs because they look great and offer an immense fun. They also want to add a variety of funny words, which also brings in front interesting results at all times. Of course, it all comes down to the experience you want to have but GIFs are always fun to share online and they bring in tons of cool fun moments that you can enjoy with your family.

Filmora now has a built-in GIF converter that will create any animated GIF image easily! Editing with Wondershare Filmora is very easy and it all comes down to a few steps:

1. You have to first import your GIF or video in the app
2. Once that is done, drag your video to the timeline
3. Add an element
4. Trim Element to match the video time length
5. Double-click on the Element
6. Choose a movement -“Zoom into the bottom” in our example
7. Adjust size and reposition.
8. Add Text
9. Trim Text to match video time length
10. Double- click on the Text
11. Type in your Text.
12. Export – Create Video
13. Select GIF in the option

In this example, we chose Resolution: 1920*1080 and 30 fps.

Finally, don”t forget you can use Wondershare Filmora to add text to your GIF if you feel that such a thing is needed. From slowing down to speeding up, cropping, splitting and combining your GIF, Filmora does it easily.

While the tools above might work at times, they won’t be able to provide the value you want all the time. That’s what makes Wondershare Filmora a very good tool to use and one that will certainly deliver on its promise.

Hope you guys enjoyed our video! See you next time!

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How to MAKE a GiF Animation! — Convert Video To Gifs Easily

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